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100% Natural Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation with Your Own Stem Cell-enriched Fat

Aleris is introducing the world's first breast augmentation technique using the patient's own stem cell-enriched fat. STEMFORMTM is a ground-breaking treatment that provides a natural result without implants or visible scarring.

Breast augmentation using the patient's own fat (fat transplant) has become very popular because it solves two problems at once. We remove the unwanted fat from the thighs, stomach or lower back and add it to the breasts to obtain a beautiful and natural result without using silicone implants. The latest development in fat transplantation involves enriching the fat with your own, expanded fat stem cells.

With stem cell-enriched fat, you experience the following benefits:

  • A natural result: : It feels natural, looks natural and is completely natural
  • No scars: You avoid visible scars, as the fat is injected into the breasts using small needles
  • Permanent result: No implants are used, which typically need to be replaced
  • Effective treatment: Only one fat transplant surgery is sufficient to achieve satisfactory breast augmentation
  • Safe treatment: There is no risk of capsule formation, and the risk of bleeding is minimal

Only one fat transplant surgery is necessary

During traditional breast augmentation using the patient's own fat, only a minor part of the fat survives. By enriching your fat with your own, cultured fat stem cells, we can increase the viability of the fat and prevent the injected fat from breaking down. Using stem cells, it has been found that up to 100% of the fat survives.

Therefore, by using stem cell-enriched fat, we can achieve the desired breast augmentation without visible scars with just one fat transplant surgery, where as with normal fat transplantation, it is possible to achieve an increased volume of only approximately 1 cup size (approximately 250 ml) with 2 - 3 operations.

More opportunities with cultivated stem cell-enriched fat

Moreover, breast augmentation using stem cell-enriched fat is also advantageous because it can be offered to slim women who would normally never be considered for fat transplantation, as they do not have enough fat on their bodies.

The new breasts always adjust as the body changes. This means that the breasts will become smaller if you lose weight, and they will become larger if you gain weight. In other words, the breasts adapt to your body and way of life.

The actual stem cell enrichment process takes place in collaboration Stemform, which is the company that developed the stem cell technique, in their high-tech laboratory that is adjacent to the Aleris Hospital in Copenhagen.

STEMFORM<sup>TM</sup> Natural Breast AugmentationSTEMFORM<sup>TM</sup> Natural Breast Augmentation
STEMFORM<sup>TM</sup> Natural Breast AugmentationSTEMFORM<sup>TM</sup> Natural Breast Augmentation

Want to see more results?

Visit Stemform's website for more pictures of breast augmentation using stem cell-enriched fat results.

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Your Beauty Matters

Breast augmentation using your own stem cell-enriched fat: This is what happens

The first “mini liposuction” procedure to isolate stem cells is an outpatient procedure and will be conducted under local or general anaesthesia.

Breast augmentation surgery and liposuction will take place under general anaesthesia and will last approximately 2.5 hours. The fat is gently removed with a liposuction apparatus so that as many fat cells as possible survive. Thereafter, the fat is automatically filtered and cleaned in the apparatus. The isolated and cultured stem cells that were removed during the first mini liposuction procedure are added to the fat.

Thereafter, the fat is injected into the chest with very fine needles, which usually do not leave visible scars. The fat is evenly distributed in the subcutaneous tissue, above the mammary tissue, as well as around and in the chest muscles.

The areas that undergo liposuction are stitched using dissolving sutures or a thin suture that needs to be removed later. Finally, tape and a wound dressing are placed over the wounds.

Can I work and do sports after a breast augmentation using my own stem cell-enriched fat?

Walking and cycling
You can walk and cycle whenever you like.

Once the sutures have been removed and the skin is healed, i.e., there are no visible scabs, you may swim.

Physical activity
Running, aerobics, gymnastics and sports. You can resume these activities within 3-4 weeks.

You must be able to react normally in every situation and no longer be needing strong painkillers. A seat belt must always be used, regardless of whether you are the driver or passenger.

Can I breastfeed after a breast augmentation using my own stem cell-enriched fat?
You should be able to breastfeed after fat transplantation, but if you have lost sensation in your nipples, breastfeeding can be difficult.
Can I wear a bra after a breast augmentation using my own stem cell-enriched fat?

You should not use a bra for the first 2 weeks, as this may lead to excessive pressure on the newly transplanted fat cells. Instead, we recommend that you use the net bra we supply, a soft top or a wide, loose-fitting breastfeeding bra. You should use the compression fabric, truss, etc. to reduce swelling and to ensure that the skin settles nicely after liposuction. You must use the compression fabric during day and night for 3 weeks and during the day for the following 3 weeks. You should remove the compression fabric only when bathing and when washing it.

If possible, we recommend that you wear cotton fabric, such as a T-shirt, under the compression fabric for increased comfort.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

The treatment is primarily appropriate for women who:

  • Have turned 18 years old (of legal age)
  • Have fully developed breasts. The duration of breast development varies across individuals, and in some indivi-duals, can continue up to the age of 20 years
  • Are psychologically healthy
  • Want permanent breast augmentation
  • Have had a troublesome capsule formation around breast implants and want the implants removed
  • Have asymmetrical (uneven) breasts, even after breast reconstruction
  • Has asymmetrical (uneven) or deformed breasts
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) between 16 and 30 and adequate fat deposits
  • Agree to undergo liposuction of 500 - 700 mL in parts of the body other than the chest
  • Do not wish to lose any more weight
  • Are non-smokers

The treatment is unsuitable for women who:

  • Are heavy smokers
  • Want very large breasts
  • Have poorly controlled or untreated diabetes
  • Previously have been treated or currently are being treated for cancer

Women with sagging breasts will still need a breast lift, but often an overhang of up to 3 cm can provide a nice result without a lift.

If your breasts are very small and tight, we will not be able to enlarge the breasts to the desired volume in one go, as the skin will not be able to stretch sufficiently.
Do I need a consultation before a breast augmentation using my own stem cell-enriched fat?

Before deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery using stem cells enriched with your fat, you will need to undergo a preliminary examination with one of our plastic surgeons.

We recommend that you read these instructions carefully before the consul-tation and write down your questions so that you remember to ask them during the preliminary examination.

It may be a good idea to bring a friend or family member to the preliminary exami-nation, as there is a lot of information to consider. It is important that you feel safe.

During the preliminary examination, we will discuss your wishes, and the plastic surgeon will inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of breast augmen-tation surgery. You will be examined, the dimensions of your breast and chest will be measured, and together, we will decide whether you are suitable for a breast augmentation using stem cells enriched with fat. We will also discuss and determi-ne where to remove the fat from.

Currently, we can offer breast augmen-tation with up to 300 mL of fat, excluding the stem cells, per breast, with an expec-ted survival rate of the injected fat cells of between 70 and 100%.

You will be thoroughly informed about the details of the surgery, the recovery process after the operation, as well as possible side effects and complications.

What expectations can I have for a breast augmentation that has been conducted using my own stem cell-enriched fat?

You should expect that approximately 3 months will pass before you see the final result. The operation consists of 2 procedures. First, a minor procedure under local or general anaesthesia is used to isolate the stem cells, and then, in the second procedure, breast augmentation is performed.

If you later decide you want to undergo another breast augmentation surgery, this can be done, provided that you have enough fat for this surgery.

The results of cosmetic surgery are not long-lasting. The body’s natural ageing process continues, eventually changing the result. How quickly the body ages varies across individuals and depends on many factors such as genetic factors, smoking habits and sun exposure. Immediately after surgery, the breasts will be tight and swollen.

Over time, the tissue will heal, and the breasts will form a more natural shape. You will find that the breast tissue will sag, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is completely natural and expected. In other words, it is not possible to achieve a surgical result that will last for the rest of your life.

Moreover, it is important to remember that the surgery is associated with a certain risk of complications (see the end of the leaflet) and that the end result may not always meet you and your plastic surgeon’s expectations and wishes.

If you are very over/underweight, there is an increased risk of complications during anaesthesia and wound healing. Thus, if your BMI is over 30, the surgery may not be suitable for you.

Do I need a mammogram before a breast augmentation using my own stem cell-enriched fat?

You will need to undergo a mammogram before the surgery can take place.