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Breast Surgery with a Beautiful and Youthful Result


Breast Surgery in a Safe Environment

Aleris's specialists offer a wide range of breast operations - from breast enhancements to breast reductions, breast lifts and breast reconstructions. There may be many reasons why you wish to change the appearance of your breasts through breast surgery.

They may be either too big or too small by nature. Perhaps you have breastfed several children or lost fullness due to normal ageing.

Regardless of your motivation, through breast surgery, we can help you to create the breasts of your dreams.

Breast lift

In the event of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or common ageing, the skin loses some of its elasticity. In doing so, the chest loses its natural shape and firmness and begins to sag. With a breast lift, we can remove excess skin and restore the youthful breast shape. To achieve the best results, it may sometimes be necessary to combine a breast lift with the placement of breast implants.

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Breast augmentation with implants

For many women, a breast augmentation with breast implants (BFO) can provide more self-confidence and an increased sense of self-esteem. At Aleris, we only use Mentor breast implants which are of very high quality. Our plastic surgeons help you to choose the right size and profile, in order to achieve the result that you dream of.


Breast reduction

A breast reduction can be a really good solution if you experience physical symptoms due to the weight of your breasts, or simply if you are upset by the appearance of your breasts. A breast reduction shapes your breasts so that they become more proportional to the rest of your body and allows you to wear the clothes that you want.


Removal/Replacement of breast implants

If you wish to remove your breast implants, you will always have a more loose chest as a result. Therefore, many women choose to get a breast augmentation using their own fat. Replacing your breast implants is also possible if you want bigger breast implants, or if you have been unlucky and experienced capsule formation or leakage. A replacement can be combined with a breast lift.


Breast reconstruction

If you have had your breast removed due to breast cancer, breast reconstruction may have a major impact on your quality of life, and give you back the feeling of femininity. Our specialist doctors in plastic surgery offer reconstruction of the breast using a prosthesis, or the breast can be created using your own tissue from your back and possibly be combined with a prosthesis. We tailor the right solution for you.


Nipple reduction

If you are unhappy because your nipples are too big, too high or too wide, they can be reduced and corrected through a nipple reduction tailored to your wishes.


Inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are not only an aesthetic problem. They can also make breastfeeding more difficult. Inverted nipples are usually seen in young girls during puberty. If it occurs later in life, it may be a symptom of other diseases of the breast. A minor operation can correct the nipple.

Gynaecomastia - male breasts

All men have a small mammary gland system. In some men, the small gland begins to grow for various reasons and can develop into gyneacomastia - male breasts. Gynaecomastia can be corrected through surgery and/or liposuction.


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