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The Ponytail Facelift


Ponytail Facelift - The Ultimate Facelift

Ponytail Facelift is the cutting edge within facelifts where, with an innovative sculpting technique, we can help you to look fresher and more youthful.

As we age, the facial skin loses its elasticity and becomes loose and wrinkled. Thus, the face loses its fullness. Skin and fat slowly sag downwards, and you experience the typical "jowls" at the jaw. The skin on the neck also becomes wrinkled and saggy, and you get a turkey neck.

Most plastic surgeons treat age changes to the face with a traditional facelift, in which the loose skin is tightened up; however, this often gives the patient a visible scar in front of the ear and lack of fullness to the face.

Innovative technology

At Aleris Copenhagen, we offer the revolutionary Ponytail Lift, which was developed by renowned celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr Kao from LA. He has shown Aleris's plastic surgeons the unique technique that rejuvenates and transforms your face with minimal scarring.

Avoid the typical scars

With Dr Kao's Ponytail Facelift, we use an innovative keyhole technique, in which we can often lift the entire forehead and the middle of the face using small concealed incisions in the scalp, without making incisions in front of a patient's ears, as is done during the traditional facelift.

Avoid a surprised expression

With the revolutionary ponytail technique, you avoid getting a windblown look, as we do not usually pull the skin horizontally, but instead drape and lift the skin diagonally upwards, to counteract gravity. The eyebrows are rotated upwards and shaped to create a more beautiful and natural appearance. Thus, there is no risk of the slightly surprised expression that one sometimes sees after a traditional forehead/eyebrow lift.

Tailored to you

Ageing is an individual process, and therefore the operation is, of course, tailored to your needs. As a starting point, a Ponytail Facelift consists of an endoscopic forehead/eyebrow lift (Ponytail Lift) combined with a mid-face lift, as well as an extended neck lift if necessary.

In our Rolls Royce offering, we also offer a gentle fat transplant to restore the youthful volume in your face, as well as a skin-rejuvenating CO2 laser treatment.

The Ponytail Facelift in brief - give your face a beautiful and youthful look

  • Focuses on the entire face and neck
  • Scars are hidden behind the ear and in the hair
  • Avoid a windblown expression with the advanced sculpture technique
  • Rotates your eyebrows upwards for a beautiful and natural look
  • Smooths out wrinkles in the forehead, at the eyes, and over the nasal bridge
  • Removes jowls and sagging skin on the neck
  • Fat transplant restores the lack of fullness
  • CO2 laser treatment rejuvenates the skin
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