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Facial Surgeries with a Beautiful Result


Safe Facial Surgeries

Aleris offers a wide range of facial surgeries, from fat injections and eyelid surgeries to facelifts, forehead lifts, temple lifts and brow lifts.

We cannot change the fact that we age over time, but we can help to maintain a youthful appearance. A healthy and good lifestyle is crucial for maintaining elastic and smooth skin, but at some point, many feel that there is a need for either cosmetic or facial surgeries to achieve an exterior that matches one's interior.


Ponytail Lift

A Ponytail Lift is performed using keyhole surgery through 3 - 5 incisions in the scalp. It gives you a beautiful result with no visible scars and with minimal sensory disturbances. Through a Ponytail Lift, we are able to tighten the skin in the forehead and temple and remove the small wrinkle muscles, in order to smooth out the wrinkles in the forehead, over the nasal bridge, and in the eye area.

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Ponytail Facelift

Ponytail Facelift is the cutting edge within facelifts where, with an innovative sculpting technique, we can help you to look fresher and more youthful. With Dr Kao's Ponytail Facelift, we use an innovative keyhole technique, in which we can often lift the entire forehead and the middle of the face using small concealed incisions in the scalp, without making incisions in front of a patient's ears, as is done during the traditional facelift.

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With a facelift, we can straighten the jawline, remove jowls, smooth furrows from the nose down towards the corners of the mouth, remove loose skin under the chin, and tighten the skin on the neck. Often, the procedure is combined with liposuction under the chin and a tightening of the neck muscle and the mimic muscles of the cheeks. You'll look 10 years younger, and continue to age from your new starting point.

Fat injection to the face

During a fat injection, we use the fat from your own body as a natural, living filler on the face, in order to give adequate fullness and thus reduce your wrinkles. The fat injection is most commonly performed under the skin of the eyelids, the furrows between the nose and the mouth. The cheekbones are increased and general wrinkle treatment is performed on the forehead and cheeks.

Turkey neck and double chin

A turkey neck/double chin occurs because, with age, the tissue loses some of its elasticity. This makes the skin on the neck loose, and some people also get an extra fold under the chin. A turkey neck and double chin can be remedied by an operation in which excess skin and fat are removed, and the tissue tightened up.

Cosmetic nose surgery

You can change the appearance of your nose in different ways. If you have a curved or sunken nasal bridge, you can make your nose more straight. If the tip of your nose is too long or too large, you can have some of the cartilage surgically removed, and if your nose is short and wide, you can make it appear narrower by reconstructing the tip of the nose with cartilage. It is also possible to make the nostrils more narrow.

Forehead lift and eyebrow lift

With age, the skin in the forehead becomes more loose. You get wrinkles in your forehead, and the eyebrows tend to sink down. This makes you look more serious and tired. We tailor a solution for you, which takes into account the expectations and notions that you have about the result.

Temple lift

A temple lift and direct eyebrow lift can, in some cases, be good alternatives to a classic forehead/eyebrow lift if you have low-hanging eyebrows or deep horizontal wrinkles in your forehead. During a temple lift, you will have your eyebrows lifted in to place, and thus often receive a more youthful appearance.

Eyelid surgery

Over time, the skin loses part of its elasticity. This can cause an excess of skin, fat and muscle, which can give you a tired appearance with heavy, hanging eyelids, or bags under the eyes. Through eyelid surgery, we can remove excess skin and fat on the upper and lower eyelids, giving you a fresh and invigorated facial expression.

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